+ 500 Users
+ 150,000 Records


เครื่องสแกนใบหน้า CM i F20

Face Scan
- Accurate
- Standalone
- User Friendly
- Reliable performance
- Multi-factor Authentication
- Trackable
- Contactless

Technical Specification
Processor TI DM CPU 600MHz
User Capacity 500 Users
Record Capacity 150,000 Records
Recognition Algorithm Dual Sensor TM V2.0
Sensor Specialized double sensor
Verification Method Face,Pin+Face
Verification Speed Less than 1 Second (500 Users)
FRR <=0.1%
FAE 65,000 Bright Color
Fingerprint Venification 1:1, 1:N
Fingerprint Placement Angle 360 องศา
LCD Display Color Screen 3.5 นิ้ว
65,000 Bright Color
320*240 Resolution
Communication Standard TCP/IP
Method USB Host
Power 12V DC, Working Current 500 mA
Environment Light 0-5000Lux
Working Distance 30-80cm
orking Temperature 0 C - 40 C
Working Humidity 20% - 80%
Size 200*95*115 mm
Weight 505g
Installation Method Wall Mounting
Certification CE FCC Class A ROHS

Embedded facial recognition system
- Adopt US advanced DSP technology keeps processing and matching right on the device
- Standlone application as Time attendance, Access control, User identification User friendly design
- 3.5 inch color screen for face positioning
- Contactless authentication for the ultimate in hygienic
- Voice prompt
High Usability and Security
- Failure to enroll and acquire rate is less than 0.0001%
- Incident trackable for security with photo
Flexible I/O interfaces
- Internet Protocal based enables LAN or Network deployment
- USB Host for User data upload or downloand via USB flash driver
Accurate and Fast Identification
- Industrial Leading "Dual Sensor" Facial Recognition Algorithm, FAR<0.0001%
- 1 : Many up to 500 users less than 1 second
Reliable performance under different environments
- Different source-light Technology
- The system can work in different light condition even in the dark
- Over 20 months market testing
Large user and log capacity
- 500 user for 1 : N
- Over 150,000 logs
Multi Authentication
- System can work with Face, Pin+Face.