ไม้กั้นรถ ระบบจอดรถ


+ Operating voltage : AC220V 50Hz
+ Torque Motor Power : 60W
+ Dynamic Power : about 200mA


ระบบที่จอดรถ CA-DK0144

1.Colorful, simple and generous, cold temperature, low failure rate, making it a highway or a special market leader in the territory.
2.Maintenance-free motor for the low-speed torque motor. electric brake can be anywhere without causing damage; transmission using sine linkage, motor, reducer integration, the entire structure is more compact, rational, greatly reducing the mechanical failure.
3.The special structure of the electric coil in it pass, the moment of power off General Electric will not be inevitable momentary high-current and voltage fluctuations in the moment, Directly with UPS will not, affect the power supply and other equipment of the same power grid within the normal work
4.Gate-under gentle movements, reliable, take-off and landing time from 1 to 2 seconds.
5. Chassis species diversity (based on the color of the area is free to choose) and applicable in different places Environmental.
6. Daozha controller can achieve compatibility and infra-red traffic lights and other functions.

1. Operating voltage : AC220 +- 10%V 50 Hz
2. Working environment temperature
3. Working relative humidity <=95%
4. Torque Motor Power : 60W
5. Specifications : At present, only applies to straight-under 3.5 meters below

Technical performance indicators
- Using battery wave sensor technology, more sensitive sensors
My training circuit chip Texas Instruments TI chips use of the United States
Power Supply Using 45 (67) alkaline batteries
Static power consumption <30uA;
Dynamic Power about 200mA
Low-voltage tips 5V
Induction distance 3-5CM
The application of temperature -20 องศา ~ 50 องศา
Relative Humidity < 95 องศา
Anti-static > 15,000 V, Strong electrostatic interference can still be assured that the information is not lost, the stability of the work.